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When you’re a parent, you are consumed by this little bundle of joy that you have created, and because of this, you start to lose grip of other things around you that you don’t feel matter as much anymore, like your social life for example. Now that you have this property of being an amazing Mum, other things just lose their importance against that. While this just shows how much you care, it’s also important to realise that sometimes this isn’t for the best. Your child will always be your priority, but you need to come first in things too. You still have a life that needs living, and just because you’re a Mummy now shouldn’t take away from that fact at all. If anything, you should be working even harder to find yourself once more.

It can be easier said than done though, because understandably you will never feel as though you have any time to “do you”. But know that there is never a right time – you make the time right. You control the outcome.   

Here are some nice ideas to get you thinking more about yourself again.

Treat yourself once in a while
Why wait for someone to treat us when we can do it ourselves. Of course, this changes the circumstances of the gift, but you’re an independent woman and if you want a ladies watches at Watches2U – then you can buy one for yourself without the help of anyone else. So if you pass a shop that has a display of those heels you’ve had your eye on for quite some time now – buy them! It’s a one-off and you work hard for your money so why not enjoy that?

Get in touch with your girlfriends
It’s very common to unintentionally push your friends away when you’re preoccupied with so much else. But you need to realise that no matter how forgiving they may be, there will come a time where they just stop inviting you to places because all you seem to do is always have a reason for declining. So make a point of you being the one to arrange something. It can be a casual lunch date for a catch-up, or a night out on the town if you have someone to watch your little one. This will not only give you some time to be you again without all the responsibilities, but it also lets your friends know that you still love them.

Open up your communication
If you ever do feel as though you’re beginning to lose yourself and you’re not quite sure how to find that unique personality that you once had, then it’s important that you speak up about this to your partner, your friends, or your family. You will soon realise that they have probably gone through a similar experience, and that you’re not alone. You have people around you that will always be there through thick and thin, so lean on that when you need to.


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