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So guys you may well be thinking… they moved home 9 months ago and we haven’t seen may updates. Well you lovely lot there is a good reason for that, whilst I won’t go into lots of detail because I can’t it been one hell of a 9 months. One where I wish I could have seen into the future before we moved into this new house.

Very soon after moving home, within weeks we found out the boiler should have been condemned and that the Gas Safety certificate that had been shown before exchange had been filled in with a load of lies. Long story short we ended up with Gas Safe involved and solicitors and now it is going to court. Whilst I can’t say too much on that at this moment in time I shall update you on that as soon as I can. This took the best part of 3 months to get sorted and the boiler replaced.

In the new year I re-decorated both of the boys bedrooms both of which I was so happy with. The only problem being was that there was a damp kind of musty smell in Bubs bedroom. I thought when we moved in it was most likely the carpet. So we decorated and had new carpet and underlay, the smell didn’t go though. We have no idea what it is, after having the floor boards up and smelling and seeing nothing under there it’s really getting to me. It has got to the point where I came home from work and burst into tears about the whole situation. We are currently at the point where I have had to re decorate the whole bedroom with a special paint which puts a film on the walls to lock in any smells from the walls. We have no idea where the smell is coming from so have to try all we can. I am currently in the middle of re-decorating so will also update you guys on that soon! Fingers crossed the smell is gone!

Lastly we have had issues with the neighbour, which we have since found out was an on going dispute which was not disclosed before moving. There is a form which everyone in the chain fills in about on going disputes and the previous owners said there was no ongoing dispute. Another long story short… we have about 3 foot of land down one side of our house, there is a gate which we go out of which is attached to our house to walk down this bit of land. The guy next door keeps on screwing our gate shut so we are unable to get out saying that if we want to use it we have to put up a fence. The fence this side is in fact his responsibility. A little while ago it all came to a head outside the front of our house. 3 separate neighbours came to me to say this was an ongoing dispute before we moved in and the previous owners were in the wrong not telling us about it.

So as you guys can see it has been quite a busy and upsetting time for us. This is the reason there ┬áhave not been many home updates and what we have been doing, simply because we haven’t really done anything! I have so many ideas for the house and so much I just want to do but I refuse to do it until everything is sorted. Every night I am looking on the internet at ideas for our bedroom, living room and dining room.

We have been to Centre Parks quite a few times and Doug and I both love the forest wall murals they have on the walls. Have you ever been and know what I am talking about? We have been looking at wall murals for our dining room, just as a statement wall and there are so many lovely ones. They really can take you a different place just whilst sitting there in your house. Right now I would love to have this mural up on my wall and just lose myself in this beautiful forest, even if it was only for 5 minutes until the kids came in screaming ha ha!

So there is a little update for you on our new home. Not the kind of update I wanted to give you all but it’s an update. Hopefully the next update will be full of happiness, not smells, not horrid neighbours and lots of bright happy positive vibes.

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