Helping your baby cope with a rash

Everyone knows the mixed bag of feelings that comes with having a little one in your life. The affection you feel for them can be overwhelming from time to time, like some kind of drug. At the same time, there can be moments of fear and dread when they’re not well. This is made harder by knowing that they have no way to articulate their discomfort.

Fortunately, the range of options available to a stressed-out parent is wide and increasing all the time. When your child is coping with an itchy skin rash, it’s frustrating. You wish you could explain to them that scratching will make it worse. Any parent wants to be every superhero rolled into one for your child – which makes it harder when they are suffering.  Here’s a few suggestions on how to help them, and you, cope.

Consider Simpler Alternatives
It can be tempting for your first port of call to be a medical facility, ready to throw anything prescribed at the issue. Sometimes, however, this can make things more complex. Unless you’re sure of the cause, it’s worth eliminating ingredients that come into contact with your baby’s skin. Do this one by one, and see what the results are.

Make sure you try to eliminate everything you can, such as wipes, clothes and washing powder. If you find any such change is beneficial, then try and avoid it in future. If you eliminate everything and there is still an issue, seek medical advice on how to proceed.

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Go Natural
Natural is not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its benefits. If traditional treatments aren’t working, there’s no harm in trying something new. Carrier oils are a great way of giving a natural aid, and are often milder than their synthetic counterparts. Sweet almond oil is rich and soothing; grapeseed oil is light enough to not drench the skin and create an oily mess.

It’s also worth considering the old wives’ favourite: calamine lotion. Instantly soothing and protective, this can make the difference between a happy baby and a miserable one.

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Protective Clothing
Rashes are uncomfortable by themselves, but it’s made worse by scratching. Even adults who know they shouldn’t scratch an already-angry patch of skin still do, so babies don’t stand a chance! It may be best to dress the rash to keep it clean and give it the best chance of healing. Additionally, consider baby mittens. This will ensure the only thing you need to be treating is the initial rash, not the rash and any subsequent scratches.

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The Benefits of “Wet Healing”
It’s seemingly common knowledge that to heal, a wound or rash needs to be kept “clean and dry”. While the clean part is without question, modern medical opinion is more open to the benefits of wet healing. This includes applying dresses with a wet ingredient over the wound, such as a balm or even medical honey – messy, but a small price to pay for a happy baby.

With all of the above in your weaponry, you and your child should soon find a way to cope with those irritating rashes. It can be distressing for you both, but tackling it should be a little easier now.

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