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We all know that when something isn’t quite right most of us will go onto google and diagnose ourselves with something so bad that we then make our selves sick with worry. Its only natural and often leads to more worry than needs be.

I am terrible for going onto Google typing in symptoms such as, dry cough and coming off Google basically on my death bed. It’s just not worth it and I have now found a great website where you can actually take a free online assessment with medical trained staff and impartial help on your condition. This is a better way than going on Google and diagnosing yourself with all sorts which you most likely don’t have.

You will need to answer a few questions on what you are experiencing in order for someone to look into your symptoms and see what they think is wrong or what you may need to take in order to get better. I would always suggest seeing a doctor though if you are not well, however not everyone can always get a Doctors appointment right away.

If you know what is wrong with you, you can also go onto The Independent Pharmacy and type in your condition and you are given a list of all available medications which you can buy.

You go onto the website and it is listed like…


You then click on what your problem is so lets say Eye infection and it brings up all the available medication to help you can buy over the counter…

You can then decide on which you would like, click it and buy. How much easier could it be? So simply and easy to use and get delivered exactly what you want.

Do you go online and Google symptoms?

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