We finally have a new home

We have finally move home…. YAY, finally!

After selling our house back in April and lots and lots of issues along the way we have finally moved into our new home. Its been a dream for so long and it was a dream I wasn’t sure would come true but finally it has.

We moved home on Thursday 12th October 2017 and what a day it was. The kids were at school and nursery which was great because we could just get on with everything and didn’t have to worry about the kids and what they were doing. I did tell Little Man he could have a half day off school though but he had his after school club and wanted to go to that.

The removal company arrived at 0830 with a massive lorry which I thought was far to big for us (it wasn’t) they started loading up straight away and started with the garage. Once they started on the house we followed them around each room cleaning.


I had a call at 1100 from the solicitors to say they had received the money for our sale and had just sent through our money to next in the chain. The solicitors said keys should be released at about 1230 which was just great news, I was so worried we would be the ones who had to wait until 1700.

We finally had a call at 1245 to say the keys had been released and we were free to enter our new home. We finished packing up at 1115 and the lorry went off to our new home. We then had another half hour in the house to hoover downstairs and check everything was in order and just to say goodbye. I had been very worried about the goodbye as we loved the house we were leaving and the area, we literally moved because we needed more space. It came to locking up and leaving and I thought I would be really sad, we had photos and I locked the door. We were leaving all the keys bar one in the house so as I locked the door I put my hand through the letterbox to drop the keys but I just couldn’t drop the key. I looked at Doug and my Mum and they said go on drop the keys and when I let go I thought I would burst into tears but I didn’t… I felt happy with a tiny bit of sadness.

The week leading up to our move date we said all our goodbyes, We had our neighbours over for a drink and a lovely chat and we all said good bye. We are keeping in touch with our neighbours which were to each side of us. Although the house was detached and there was quite a lot of room between our 2 neighbours we got on so well with them, they are not actually neighbours they are friends and they will 100% be staying that way even though we have moved. They are coming over to see us in our new house once we have settled in.

So…. posting those keys through the door made me feel happy for our next chapter. Happy that our old neighbours that are our friends will be seeing us again soon and visiting us at our new house. Our old house did us proud for 10 years but it was time to move on to a bigger house.

I moved into that house on my own, a 3 bedroom detached house had me a single girl moving in on her own 10 years ago and now saying good bye is that girl who moved in on her own and her family as well, Doug and the 2 boys.

When we arrived at our new house I felt a little bit over whelmed with everything. I had been up so early and I just couldn’t face unpacking. This is when the hard worked started, I had to face it and start unpacking. The boys needed their beds up, we needed our kitchen stuff out and with the help of my VERY AMAZING MUM we managed to get a lot done on that first day. Our friend Jon came over and helped make sure all of our beds were put up and made, the boys bedrooms were sorted with lampshades up and toys all set out. My Mum made sure that the kitchen was unpacked and sorted.

We picked the kids up from school and nursery and I wasn’t sure how they would react. Little man who is 6 made it quite clear that he didn’t want to move home and Bubs I don’t think knew what was going on. I am very happy to say they have both settled in so well and they love it, although Little man says he doesn’t like it and Bubs thinks we are going back to our old house. He woke up about a week after we moved in and said… Mummy when are we packing our stuff up to go back home, he clearly thinks we are on holiday.

My Mum was an absolute star the 2 weeks before we moved and the week after we moved. There is no way on this earth we could have got it all done without her help and Mum it is really appreciated!

That night when everyone had gone home we went to bed at 0920, we slept right through until the alarm woke us up.

So thats our moving journey. I have filmed it for my Youtube channel but it isn’t yet up because we have had no internet for me to edit and upload it. (currently writing this post in the Premier Inn on a short break away for half term ha ha thanks for the free wifi) Our wifi is going to be working on the 26th October and its been beyond hard living with no internet.

Keep a look out for home moving updated, decorating updates and what we are doing in the new house.

A few pictures below of the week leading up to our move and how we were living. We sold our sofas as we had ordered new ones, hence the camping chairs!




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  1. Margaret GALLAGHER 9th December 2017 / 00:07

    Hooray you’ll soon be settled and make it home SWEET home

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