Our experience Climbing the O2

A couple of weeks back Doug and I finally got round to booking a present that we received for Christmas last year. It was a climb over the top of the O2 which we had really been looking forward to.

We have both been up The Shard and on The London Eye and so although we were looking forward to the O2, we were not to sure what to expect.

On arrival we both looked up at the walkway over and said… nah that’s not high at all it will be really easy. How wrong we were!

First all we had to go into a room and watch a quick safety video. After the video we were given our harness and a Gillette to wear (it was a really hot day so we didn’t have the full suit) I was really excited and couldn’t wait to get going.

As we walked out onto the top the walkway looked like it was made of hard plastic. It soon became clear that in fact it was VERY steep at an angle of 30 degrees which trust me is really steep, and the walkway was made of trampoline material. It was really bouncy and all I wanted to do was bounce, we were however told we must not bounce at all.

Once we were half way at the top, we were able to stop to take pictures and have a walk around. You could un-clip yourself and walk around freely.

All in all we had a fantastic day and really enjoyed it. Both of us would really recommend this experience to anyone who is thinking of going.






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