Difficulty deciding on a bedroom colour scheme

A lot of you will know that we moved home in October 2017 and we are yet to decide on a colour scheme for our bedroom. Currently it is lilac with a purple shiny main wall and it really is way to much for us.

I have been concentrating on the boys bedrooms since moving in as they were pink and purple, both of these have now been finished and I am over the moon with how they have turned out. I let each of the boys decide on their colour scheme with no direction from me and they look fab.

So the problem we now have is deciding on the colour scheme for our bedroom. This is a major problem with Doug and I,  we  just can’t agree on any colour scheme at all. I go through phases of loving something different all the time but I am really liking the grey at the moment. Not too much grey, but grey as the base and then a lovely bold statement colour. Doug on the other hand prefers something a little brighter, more golds and natural colours…

I am also wanting something really modern looking and a hotel-room type of theme. I love the massive fabric headboards which go right up to the top of the wall. I think they look so grande and would make any room look amazing just on their own. Then a beautiful upholstered bed to match the headboard

We actually had a new bed before we moved home but whilst looking for colour schemes and bedroom ideas I have found BedGuru who have some fantastic upholstered beds to suit any colour scheme and taste. I am now nudging Doug to possibly get a new bed, because lets face it our current bed may be new ish but we have moved home so a new with our new bedroom design is needed right? Not only do I love this bed but I love the whole colour scheme that has been put with it. I may have a hard time convincing hubby that the lovely light blush pink looks amazing but it really sets the room off.

What colour scheme have you decided on for your bedroom? Any help appreciated or advice 🙂

We need to make a pretty fast decision as this is the next room on the list to get done.

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