Design and Drill Learning Resources Review

Design and Drill is a great portable toy that can be taken almost anywhere with you. Its all packed up and ready to go in its own little case.

We were recently sent Design and Drill to review from Learning resources, one of our favourite toy brands. I just knew that both of the boys would love this as its quite a novelty toy. With over 60 bolts, a real kids drill and 3 drill bits I just knew this was going to be something which they may fight over using.

The carry case its actually the board so it opens up and inside is the drill, drill bits and bolts. Once open you flip the case over and you are ready to drill the bolts into the case. Then once you are finished just simply pack everything up inside the case and off you go.

The drill and bolts are brightly coloured, drill is yellow and red and the bolts are blue, green, red and orange.The drill bits and the holes in the bolts are quite big in order for younger children to be able to use with ease. The case is simple to open and close with a simple plastic clip.

The first thing that struck me about the whole product was how sturdy and strong it looked and felt. Some toys you can just tell won’t last 5 minutes, whereas with this I know it will last and with stand the force of a 3 and 6 year old.

Not only is this a great toy to play with you can use it for learning as well. We used it for numbers and patterns. Little Man loved making pictures such as silly faces with the different coloured bolts. The Design and Drill set comes with a guide which show you 12 different patterns you can make and the rest is then up to your imagination.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product and brand. I have worked with Learning Resources for many years now and everything we have tested has been amazing. All products have a great fun side and learning side to them and this is what I absolutely love.

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