Decor Tricks For An Easy-To-Clean Home

Cleaning can be a never-ending chore for some of us, especially those that have kids of pets. Whilst buying the latest cleaning gadgets is an option, it could be worth focusing on a few home improvements to make your décor easier to clean. Here are just a few ways that you can create an easy-to-clean home.


Cull the carpets
Whilst they do provide extra comfort on your feet, carpets are great at harbouring dirt and animal hair. Stains are also harder to get out. Consider getting rid of your carpets in exchange for wooden flooring that can be easily swept and mopped. Alternatively you could try luxury vinyl tile or ceramic. Make sure that the flooring is laminated or sealed as this will add extra protection against stains and scratches.

Pick the right paint
Some paints are easier to clean than others. For scrubbing off scuff marks and felt tip pen from the walls, consider a high gloss paint or a Teflon surface protector. Cleaning marks off of these paints will require much less elbow grease. You can also buy easy-to-clean paint for wooden furniture and for exterior walls.

Choose filth-proof furniture fabrics
Furniture fabrics such as silk and satin may help to give your home a luxury look, but these materials aren’t easy to clean if food or wine or other fluids end up on them. Leather and vinyl are two of the best fabrics for getting rid of stains and dirt. In most cases, spilled liquids and dirt can be easily wiped off. Lighter leather may be more prone to staining so bear this in mind. Another material that could be worthwhile is wool. This material is easy to spot clean and is less prone to pilling and snagging than many other fabrics. It’s also warmer and cosier than leather and vinyl. Microfiber upholstery could also be an option – this synthetic material is largely stain-proof and ideal for households with kids, even if it doesn’t have the aesthetic appeal of other fabrics.

Alternatively, use seat covers
If you don’t want to replace your current sofas and chairs, you could instead simply opt for seat covers. If these get dirty they can easily be cleaned in the washing machine. You may even want to consider a throw to cover the whole of a sofa or armchair. Some homeowners go so far as to buy covers for their carpets, but unless you’re really a clean freak you probably don’t want to be bothering with this.

Lose your marbles
When it comes to kitchen countertops, marble is one of the most luxurious materials out there. However, one of marble’s major downfalls is that it’s terrible against stains. Cheaper countertop materials might not look as lavish, but they’ll be much easier to clean. Quartz and soapstone are two ideal materials that can still look expensive. Alternatively, you could opt for laminated wood or ceramic as a countertop material.


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