Creating the perfect Hygge Atmosphere in your home

What is Hygge I hear you asking? Well let me tell you all about it and how you can get creating the perfect Hygge Atmosphere in your home.

Hygge was developed into a concept and way of living by the Danish in the 18th Century. Denmark is a country which is cold and wet 70% of the time and they have created Hygge which basically means… Nice warm atmosphere and enjoying the simple things in life. You have the log fire burning in front of the thick fluffy rug whilst you sit on the sofa in your thick warm fluffy Pjs, you get it right? Being cosy and enjoying things which take no effort to enjoy. It is more of a feeling or mood rather than a literal word.

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I have been thinking about a few ways to create the perfect Hygge atmosphere in our home and these are a few tips I came up with…

  • Homemade cooking and baking – Get cooking those warm, filling foods on a cold wet night. A filling Shepard’s Pie or lasagna gives me a cosy feeling just thinking about it. The fire is burning and the dinner is cooking filling the house with that homemade cooking smell. Hygge is also best enjoyed with friends, so invite friends over for a takeaway  warm filling pie and mulled wine.
  • Taking a long bath – Fill the bath to the top with lots of fresh smelling bubbles. Turn the light off and light a few candles. Take in your favourite book and just relax (make sure the kids are asleep) Keep topping the water up so it stays really hot and make sure you have a soft fluffy towel waiting for you when you get out. Another little tip… Put your PJs on the radiator so they are nice and warm when you put them on.
  • Make your living space cosy – Use big soft fluffy rugs and mats, have lovely smelling flowers in the house, light candles and dim the lights. Sit on the soft in your onesie OR use big thick blankets to snuggle into. I love sitting in front of the fire feeling all cosy whilst it is cold and raining outside the rain outside always makes me feel extra cosy inside.
  • Buy lots of loungewear (sloppy trousers, oversized tops.) – Big oversized clothes to wear around the house that are warm, cosy and extremely comfy are a must. Don’t walk around in tight jeans that you just can’t get comfy in. Doug and I always wear loungewear around the house and it really is just so comfy and relaxing.
  • Turn off the TV – This is a biggie for us as our TV is on all the time. Turn it off and do something simple such a playing board games, crafting, reading or just chatting together.

If you are already using any of the above, please do leave me a comment below to let me know how you are getting on.

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