Conservatories Can Be Dull, But Yours Doesn’t Have To Be

Conservatories used to be a favorite of the wealthy. But then along came prefabricated PVC varieties which opened up the market to everybody else. Now people on regular incomes could afford an outdoor-indoor space too. But there was a problem: conservatories were generally pretty dull and lacking in character. Sure, they were ideal for enjoying the view, even in cold weather. And, granted, they added some extra brightness and space to people’s homes, but there are only so many ways to make a white, plastic shell inspiring, and many designs fell short of the mark.

How To Make A Conservatory Work
Just dumping a conservatory at the back of your house doesn’t guarantee that it’s going to be a success. The key to a great conservatory, at least according to the columnist Sara Emslie, is to make sure that your conservatory actually blends well with everything else. She says that conservatories are inherently social rooms and should, therefore, be treated differently to other rooms of the house.

Loft conversions, basement extensions, and ensuite bathrooms are all popular ways in which people extend their homes. But they’re all about adding personal space, improving living quarters and having places to go and chill out on your own.

Conservatories are different. There’s a decidedly familial element to them, meaning that finding ways to blend them with the rest of your property is essential. According to Debar Hardware, one of the best ways to do this is to make use of bi-folding doors. Rather than having regular doors at the back of the house leading to the conservatory, bi-folding doors help to create a seamless space, without adding substantially to the building work. With the right approach, even a period home can be opened up and adapted to modern living.

The interior of the conservatory should be in keeping with the original style of the house. For instance, conservatories double up as makeshift, modern counterparts to orangeries in Victorian homes, providing the sort of outdoor-indoor space that was once the preserve of the gentry.

Plan Early
Of course, as with any building project, the success is in the planning stage. Families considering building a conservatory need to think carefully during the early stages about whether or not their new conservatory will meet their needs. Conservatories which are position incorrectly or cut off from the rest of the home in an unnatural way won’t get as much use as you plan.

It’s also a good idea to customise your conservatory wherever possible to differentiate it from the run-of-the-mill. Ideally, what you want is a space that oozes chic but doesn’t compromise on things like ease of use, light, and price. The good news is that conservatory manufacturers now offer many more options to personalize your new build, offering alternatives like dark gray exterior finishes and higher-quality aluminum external doors.

When done correctly, conservatories can be attractive and chic, and a place that the family will actually want to spend time. You’ve just got to get the basics right

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