Choosing the Right Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream really is one of life’s most simple yet worthwhile pleasures. Who among us doesn’t have at least a dozen fond memories of great days out, topped off with a bowl or a cone full of our favourite treat. Ice cream is a food that transcends all other considerations and the universality of its appeal is one of the things that makes it such a welcome presence in our lives.

Given how widespread the love for ice cream is, and how simple it is to make at home for ourselves it’s surprising that more people aren’t doing it. Not only are the recipes simple, which makes it easy to improvise and experiment with them, but ice cream machines can now be purchased for as little as £20, and make the whole process breathtakingly easy.

In this article we offer a quick guide to choosing the right ice cream maker to best suit your needs.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?
Whenever you are considering investing in a new piece of equipment it is important that you have a clear idea of how much money you have to invest and, more importantly, how much you want to invest. If the ice cream machine is just for your own personal use, then the amount you spend will depend on how fussed you are about a top quality final product. 

Don’t feel as if you have to be willing to shell out on the most expensive model available to make it worthwhile, there is nothing wrong with making ice cream that’s just very good, rather than the best in the world. Also remember that even the best ice cream maker will only produce ice cream as good as the ingredients that go in to it.

Which Type Do You Want?
The amount you will need to spend will also depend on the type of ice cream maker for you. Some models make use of a ‘freezer bowl’ which is, surprisingly enough, a bowl which needs to be placed in the freezer prior to use. Models which utilise the freezer bowl are considerably cheaper but because the bowl needs to be frozen they can’t be used ‘out the box’. By contrast there are models which can be used at anytime with no preparation, other than the ingredients of course, but these cost a lot more. You will have to pay for the added convenience.

What’s the Difference?
Other than the convenience aspect, there are other differences worth considering when you compare freezer bowl machines to those with a built-in freezer. For example, the freezer bowl models require less electricity because the freezer bowl is cooled in a freezer which would be running anyway and are therefore cheaper to run. By contrast, the models with built-in freezing units will have to pull the necessary power as it runs.The best ice cream maker for you will largely depend on these considerations.

In terms of the final product there isn’t much difference between these two types of devices. If you are planning to use your ice cream maker in a professional capacity, then you might want to look in to the very subtle differences in the final products. For most of us however it is simply a case of what we are willing to pay for convenience.

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