Childproofing the kitchen

The arrival of little ones can be one of the most exciting, yet nerve-racking times. Parents worry about everything from dressing their babies warm enough, to ensuring the house is a safe haven. Although it is important to make your house safe for children, it does not need to be a stressful task. As the room we spend the most of our time in socialising, cooking and eating, the kitchen tends to be the first target on a parents’ child-proofing mission. That is why I have written down some great tips and good habits to help you turn the kitchen into a safer zone for children and babies.

Think ahead – Make sure that any detergents, cleaning products or anything chemical-based is kept locked up or far out of the reach of children. It is possible to buy child latches for cupboards which make it almost impossible for little ones to gain access to anywhere they shouldn’t.

Unfortunately, we all know that as soon as you take your eyes off your children, even for a moment, they have the innate ability of spotting the most dangerous objects and making a bee line for them. So, a good habit you should try to get into is to return items back to their drawers and cupboards as soon as you have finished with them, to remove any potential risk of choking or injury from them getting into curious hands. To prevent any other accidents from occurring, it is also important that you make sure you do not leave any objects overhanging the edges of your cabinets and be conscious of where you are placing hot beverages.

Keep it clean – It is fact of life that children manage to create a lot of mess and most of it they manage to produce seemingly without even trying. Try and stay on top of keeping the kitchen surfaces and floors clean as there is a good chance that anything missed by the brush like loose strands of spaghetti will find its way into a babies’ mouth. A great tip to make your life much easier when it comes to cleaning the kitchen is to have a look into installing some high gloss kitchen units, as their lacquer surface makes them effortless to wipe, and they come with the added bonus of making your kitchen look modern.

 Be Aware – When cooking there are a few ways you can make sure you are taking extra precautions. For instance, use the back burners on your stove top to keep any pots and pans far away from the child. Also, make sure the handles of the pans are always turned away from the ledge of the counter to ensure all impulses to pull them down are eradicated. All appliances in the kitchen such as kettle, toaster and blender should also be turned off at the wall when not in use, and even unplugged if you are extra cautious. With these few simple tips and habits, you can make sure that your children or any young guests visiting are kept out of harm’s way when spending time in the kitchen with you.

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