Can you be a Full-Time Mum and Start Your Own Business?

Motherhood and a career are not two things that easily combine, with sacrifices usually made to one
or the other. Over the last couple of decades, there has been a trend in more women pursuing a
career, which has correlated in older first-time mums.Many mothers opt to stay at home, or work reduced hours, in order to look after their children and not rely on potentially expensive childcare. While identifying themselves as a full-time mum, many still harbour ambitions of forging a career, even as an entrepreneur, which in itself is more than a full-time job.How can one realistically don the hats of both a full-time mother and entrepreneur? It’s not easy, but it can be done.

Working from Home:
Most start-up businesses begin either in the front room or bedroom of an optimistic entrepreneur’shome, so in this instance, you are no different to thousands of other hopefuls looking to climb the
ladder. Depending on the type of business that you are looking to start, all that you require is a
computer and a reliable internet connection.There are numerous schemes designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs bring their business idea to life. Some involve creating a business plan to attract a potential investor/partner while other schemes involve bootstrapping, which involves the business owner working towards the tightest possible budget with little to no capital.

Business and Children:
When you are at home with the children, there is not a lot of free time to put into starting your
business, but neither is there the pressure to meet tight deadlines. You have the freedom to begin to
build your business at your own pace and work hours that suit you and your situation. Any help that you can be given from friends and family members will, of course, help you on your way to dedicating time to getting your business off the ground. Also, if your children are at an age where they attend school or nursery, this will free up a significant amount of time during the day that you can dedicate to your start-up.

What Will Your Business Be?
What exactly will you be selling? In order for a business to be successful, or at the very least
sustainable, you must have a product and/or services that customers will want. This could also mean
having access to various equipment and/or software that may come at a cost, which is something
that you will have to factor in. For example, if you are looking to start out as a freelance writer then the market is heavily saturated, but you need nothing more than access to a computer with a word processor. If your business will be an e-commerce website, you will need somewhere to store stock which, if you do not have enough space to do this, could mean you requiring business premises.

As your business grows, your own premises will be something you may want to look into in further
detail. Peterborough, for example, has commercial property to let or buy suiting all budgets,
allowing entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow their business.Don’t be scared Entrepreneurship as a Full-Time Mum If you have a dream, then go for it! Do not allow children, the greatest thing that could ever happen to you, to be the reason why you do not follow your aspirations. Entrepreneurism is growing fast,
with more and more taking the leap of faith. Open up your laptop and let your imagination run wild. What may start as a hobby or side interest could grow until something beyond your wildest dreams.

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