Both of my boys have wanted to try out bunchems for ages and when they got the chance to review a set they were very excited.

If you have not heard of them before then Bunchems are small rounds balls which all stick together. They are soft but have tiny hooks which all link together when connected with another. They are really easy for children to work with and make whatever they wish.

In the pack we got 200 Bunchems along with some eyes and unicorn horns and feet.

I love the fact that these were also glow in the dark and both of my boys love anything glow in the dark. The set we were sent was the unicorn set and you have instructions in the box to make a unicorn. Whilst my boys wanted to make a house or something random other than a unicorn, We made the unicorn from the instructions and it was really easy to follow.


A plus side is, they make not mess, they don’t need batteries and the kids can play on their own with them. They sat at the table and had lots of fun making lots of different things.

I would really recommend them and will definitely be buying the boys some more to add to their collection now.


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