Bubs at 14 months

I haven’t done an update for a while as there hasn’t been much to say. However over the last month or so Bubs has really come on a long way and all very quickly.

I still class Bubs as a baby as he isn’t yet walking, he does still look baby like too. I really don’t want him to grow up so fast so as long as I can keep him baby wish the better. I do have to admit though that he will very soon be a toddler and I know he can’t be a baby forever.

He isn’t yet walking but if flying around on his belly, crawling everywhere. He has also this month started balancing on his own and climbing up the stairs. The very first time he tried to climb the stairs he made it slowly up, now if the gate is left open he is straight over to the stairs and zooms up the stairs.

Bubs has also started to be a bit naughty, he will try to bite Little Man if he has something that Bubs wants. He will pull Little Mans clothes and try to scratch his face. Whilst I am sure Bubs doesn’t know that doing these things can hurt, he does so these things because he get angry. The both of them do play nice together though and it is so sweet seeing them together playing and giving each other kisses.

  • Still has his dummy a lot
  • size 5+nappies
  • size 12-18 months in bottoms and 9-12 months in tops
  • Climbing up the stairs (fast)
  • Pulling up and walking around the furniture
  • balancing for about 30 seconds on his own
  • not really walking yet, we are practicing with his walking toy though
  • Is starting to play more with his brother
  • Playing more with his brother means more arguments, he does try and scratch Little Mans face sometimes.








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  1. Miranda (Myrabev) 17th November 2015 / 20:56

    Awww such a cute baby, loving his cheeks. I am sure he will be up and running sooner than you think lol

    • Blogging Mummy 17th November 2015 / 21:19

      Thank you, yeah he has really chubby cheeks. I just know one day he will walk all of a sudden and take me by surprise.

  2. Michelle Murray 17th November 2015 / 21:26

    aww what a little cutie. I wish I had of done little updates for my monkeys. It would be nice to look back

  3. Erica Price 18th November 2015 / 19:18

    It sounds like he will be walking before you know it. He’s clearly finding ways to get around though right now.

  4. Janine 18th November 2015 / 20:00

    Ah loads of time with the walking. He will get there eventually. My first didn’t walk until he was 18 months. Chloe looks to go the same way. Doesn’t crawl yet at 9 1/2 months. I’m in no rush. Means she can’t pull down the Xmas tree. Lol

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