Bubs 18 Month Update

Here we are, today our little Bubs is 18 months old. Funny actually because when we first found out he had Congenital Hypothyroidism I wished his life away. I wished we were a few months down the line so we knew he was going to be OK. Now 18 months on and I want him to stay my baby forever. Little Man and Bubs will always be my babies, however I can’t stop him growing up and he really is growing up way to fast.

Any way he is doing super well and still hitting all of his mile stones.

  • Wears 18-24 month clothing
  • 5+ nappies
  • Walking and running
  • No crawling at all anymore
  • Tried Omelette this week for the first time and loved it
  • Really settling into nursery, still cries when I drop him off but he loves it when he is there.
  • Follows me around the house saying Mama, mama, mama
  • Still loves Peppa Pig

I have just taught him to make a dinosaur roar which is hilarious.

He is obsessed with Peppa Pig and will bring me the IPad at least 10 times a day whilst saying ‘Peppa’ This is also whilst Peppa is on the TV!

He loves his stacking blocks, I can build them up 100 times a day and he will never get bored with knocking them over. He will then laugh so hard as he thinks it is so funny.

Porridge all around his chops


He still takes his red blanket everywhere with him which is really cute. I think this will be something that he keeps with him for a very long while.

I have now started to take his dummy away in the day, this really wasn’t to hard. He gives me his dummy when he gets up in the morning or from his nap. I then give it back to him at nap time and night-time. I think we are a very long way off him not having one at all.

Had his dummy here as it was blood test day for his CH


He is into everything now, opening every draw, every cupboard and pulling everything out. He always wants to do what Little Man is doing and something they do end up hitting each other or getting angry with each other.

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  1. Angela Milnes 18th March 2016 / 09:40

    I totally relate to the nursery crying! When I was a teacher the little ones would cry when mummy left and one minute later would be absolutely fine! Lovely update thanks for sharing. Angela xx

  2. Zoe Forde 18th March 2016 / 09:57

    Aww isn’t he just so grown up?! Eating omelette and all! It’s only natural for the brothers to fight – I’m 23 and still fighting with my sisters daily πŸ˜› x

  3. This Mama Life 18th March 2016 / 10:40

    I love reading baby updates! I fell behind with mine but are doing them every two months now! 18 months is such a fun age isn’t it. Love that he does dinosaur roars, how cute ☺️ That’s good he’s settling with nursery too. They go through stages with that. Isla has been full time since she was 9 months old but still has the odd clingy day! #love2blog

  4. rebecca | AAUBlog 18th March 2016 / 12:35

    aw he’s a similar age to my little one – crazy that they aren’t far from being two isn’t it?!

  5. My Little Babog Blog 20th March 2016 / 21:05

    Adorable little update… very similar to my little babog when he was the same age and he’s still into everything the little buggar x

  6. Oana 21st March 2016 / 11:16

    I have never heard of congenital hypothyroidism. I do have hypothyroidism too but it was triggered by my first pregnancy and is now under control with medication. Will he have to take pills all his life too? I am off to read more of your blog on the subject.xx

    • Blogging Mummy 23rd March 2016 / 12:09

      Hi my lovely, yes he will be taking meds all of his life. He will however grow up to be able to do everything and be perfectly fine which is fab news. He has regular blood tests at the min to make sure his does is fine. I take it you take Thyroxine then? Bubs is currently on liquid thyroxine. x

  7. Charlotte 21st March 2016 / 18:57

    My daughter still loves Peppa Pig and she’s 4! I have been waiting for her to grow out of it but she probably will, just in time for her brother to become obsessed! πŸ™‚ x

    • Blogging Mummy 23rd March 2016 / 12:07

      This is exactly what happened to us. Little Man loved it and then just as he turned 4 and wanted to watch other things Bubs had got into Peppa!!

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