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If you are anything like me then you will read reviews on most things before buying them. I think customer reviews are invaluable when making a decision on wether to buy something or not. I often click off something and decide not to buy if there are bad reviews on that certain item.

On my blog I like to write honest reviews on items we receive to review. This blog being lifestyle and a mummy of 2 young boys we review a lot of toys and games and items that are child related. However there are hundreds and thousands of other items, things and companies you may want to know about. For instance you many want to read up on reviews about companies such a gas/ electric/ insurance and even dating websites.

Britain Reviews is a website in which you can go onto and check out companies that you are looking to purchase a service from. So for instance you are looking to change your gas and electric company. We all know the rubbish they tell us and they only tell us what it is they want us to know. However on Britain Reviews there are reviews from real customers. You are then able to decided if this is a company you would like to use or not.

You can even check out holiday companies as well. At this time of year when people are looking to go on holiday making sure you book with the right company is essential. I know, not so long ago we had an awful time with a holiday company which you can read about here

I would highly recommend having a look at this website to see what companies are on there. When you are spending money you want to know that you are getting the best and this website can give you some direction into getting that. I would also encourage you to write reviews if you have used any of the companies on there, this can really help others out the looking for reviews.

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