Brio Train Set Review

My youngest little boy was 3 in September and for a very long time now he has absolutely loved the Brio Train sets. We have accumulated a lot over the last couple of years and he plays with it a lot. I really enjoying building up the set for him and then watching him play and he will play with it for hours. The best thing about it is that you can buy different sets, bridges and tunnels and they all link up together, so building small or big sets is so easy.

Each track piece is wooden and very easy to fit together with other pieces. The have a circular hole one end and a circle piece sticking out the other end and you just go along and join up in what ever formation you like.

For younger children just starting out with Brio I would recommend the Railway starter stand the starter track pack.

The railway starter set comes with 

  • 3 people and a suitcase
  • train
  • tunnel / bridge in one
  • 12 corner pieces
  • 2 straight pieces
  • 2 pieces to go over the bridge
  • a signal post

You can also see below some track formations you can make with this set only.

There are quite a few variations of tracks that you can build with this set and it is perfect for small children as a starter pack. One you know if you child likes it you can then extend it by buying other packs and track to add to it.

The starter track pack comes with

  • 1 long straight
  • 2 medium straights
  • 2 short straights
  • 4 connecting parts
  • a block for the end of the track
  • 3 pieces parts where the one tracks splits off in a different direction

These 2 sets go really well together and would be a perfect starter gift for any child boy or girl. My youngest loves this but also Little Man who is 6 also loves playing with the set when we build a really big one (secretly so do I) I will always have a go and tell the kids I am testing out the track!

There are so many accessories you can buy such as wooden trees, shops, houses, stations bridges and the list goes on. You really can make the set as big and amazing as you want. These are some of the accessories that we have but they do not come with these sets…

Disclaimer… The set shown below has extra parts in it to the sets listed above.

With each track piece being wooden, this means it will stand the test of time and children. The track and accessories are so well made and very strong they really will last for years.

I will usually build up the train set if I really need to get on with some housework as I know it will keep the kids entertained long enough for me to be able to get done what I need to. We have quite a few of the accessories as well and I would recommended buying some as they really do add the set. We line up trees along the side of the track and we stand up the animals in the field, we line people up at the station and its just endless what can be done.

Do your children love Brio like my boys do? Leave me a comment below.


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  1. Charlie Brunton 21st January 2018 / 01:59

    This looks a lovely set! My little niece absolutely loves trains so I’ll probably gift her a set like this for her birthday, she’d be so happy with it!

  2. Rachel Craig 21st January 2018 / 18:12

    Yes, Brio is great for children / child play. I can recall working in a children’s nursery :- The Brio train set was popular with the children. Whilst also being a great durable toy.

  3. Natalie Crossan 21st January 2018 / 23:32

    We have one of these train sets – so much fun – just have to keep them away from my dog as she eats them!

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