Bottle Feeding the Lambs

Last week we took a trip to our local farm where the little baby lambs had been born. The kids were so excited and couldn’t wait to see the baby lambs, luckily there were lots of babies and the kids were so excited to bottle feed one.

Not only were there lambs but we saw pigs and goats and the kids got to brush a pony. Cant say Little Man was too into that but it was cute and the pony loved all the attention and brushing it was getting.

We arrived at 1230 pm and it wasn’t actually feeding time until 1430. The kids played in the hay, on the kids tractors and even had the chance to take a look inside the big tractor which they loved. It really was a great afternoon.

Little Man took a real liking to lamb number 8. The farmer explained that some of the sheep with no Mum was either because they had been rejected OR they had been taken away as their mum didn’t have enough milk to feed all of her lambs, this meant they have to take one away. He told us they can have anything between 1 and 4 lambs. Each lamb is sprayed on its side with the same number as it’s Mum and it just happened that number 8 was the one Little Man got to hold and he really didn’t want to leave it.


Eventually the kids got to feed the lambs and they absolutely loved it. My goodness those lambs drink from the bottle so quick!


The kids had so much fun playing in the hay as well…

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