An update on our journey with Congenital Hyperthyroidism

As most of you who read my blog will know, Bubs was born with Congenital Hyperthyroidism. In plain English that means he either had a thyroid not working or did not have one at all. In Bubs case he hasn’t got one at all.

It’s now been 7 months since we started our journey with our brand new baby who was born with this condition. I can’t say its all been easy and plain sailing but we are getting there and on looking at the full picture things are going good.

We started off having blood tests every 2 weeks from September up until December. Then in December our consultant said he was happy for us to wait 4 weeks until the next blood test. I was slightly apprehensive but the consultant knows what he is doing and I trust him 100%. We waited 4 weeks, had the blood test and all was fine. The consultant then said he was happy to wait 6 weeks. Every time we have to wait longer I do get nervous however I know what to look out for if his levels are off. If at any point either of us think they are slightly off we can call up the hospital and they do a blood test when we ask. Our 6 weeks blood test was a couple of weeks ago and once again all was fine. We are now on 10 weeks until the next blood test.

I am over the moon with how well Bubs is doing, however I do live in the real world and I know at some point a blood test will come back and he will need a dose increase. He has no thyroid at all, so as he grows bigger he will need more thyroxine for his body.

There is one slight issue the consultant has his eye on and that is Bubs weight. He is almost 8 months old and weighs 23lb 8 oz (as of 6th May 2015) He only has fresh cooked food which is how I always cook for my family every night. I never ever feed him anything that’s bad for him as I know weight can be an issue with people with thyroid problems. He has 2/3 7oz bottles a day then breakfast which is weetabix or porridge or cereal, then he has dinner which is anything really all homemade from scratch chicken casserole, pasta bake, soups, lasagna, Bolognese etc etc for dessert he will have fruit or a yoghurt or sugar-free jelly etc. Personally I know he is chubby but he does not look massive to me. He just looks like he has puppy fat. My other son was always a big boy. So for now I will carry on as I am knowing I am feeding Bubs and Little man and the other half fresh home cooked healthy food each day.

Anyone currently starting out on your journey please feel free to message me. If your going through a time of dose changes just remember it may take time to get it right but you will get there.

Here is our little beauty


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