My holiday essentials and tips for travelling with the kids

So apart from the obvious with sun cream and hats etc these are a few of my holiday essentials…

  • kidsToys/games…These are a must to keep the kids occupied. Little man will have his own cabin case this time so I will fill it with fun things for him to do on the plane. The perfect travel game is Build a beetle from Orchard Toys, perfect travel size box. I also pack things such as crayons, paper, colouring books, couple of small toys such as cars or a figure.


  • Change of clothes…When we travelled to Egypt we arrived at 2100 and it was boiling still, however one leaving the UK it was freezing. So I pack spare clothes now to change the kids into so they are not hot and whingy when we get to the other end.
  • Ipad… I am not ashamed to admit that my kids both use the Ipad for watching shows and playing games. A lot of the games on the iPad are educational games which Little Man loves. I have also downloaded a few Peppa Pig shows for Bubs. Peppa Pig is a sure way to get Bubs attention!
  • Snacks for the plane… I always make sure to pack as few snacks for the kids to eat on the plane. Snacks are great to keep them occupied for a little while and I take quite a few different ones so there is a choice through out the flight.
  • Medicine…Calpol and Nurofen are essential. You can be sure that if you forget to take these you will need them. I don’t travel anywhere without one or both of these things.

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  • Kids spoons… Little Man is excluded from this one as he can use metal cutlery, however Bubs is still using plastic forks and spoons. I always make sure I pack a few of each as it makes it so much easier whilst being away. I always find if I don’t have any with me I am forever asking for a teaspoon for Bubs and they never have small cutlery for kids. These are the ones we use from IKEA.
  • TOP TIP… don’t use one suitcase for one person and another for the next person. I ALWAYS mix up our clothes throughout the cases. This is a great idea for if any of your cases go missing. Hopefully not all of your cases would go missing meaning that if you have packed a bit in each case you will still have some clothes until your lost case/s turns up.
  • Be organised… Don’t leave everything till last minute, start collecting things in up plenty of time which need packing. I always get together medications, toiletries, pants, bikinis, costumes, trunks etc and chuck them in the case (Anything that wont crease) I leave things that may crease until the day before but everything else can be packed in plenty of time.
  • Write a List… This is something that I have to do and could not manage to remember everything without my list. As I pack each item I make sure to tick it off the list, this ensures that I don’t forget anything.
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  1. Jade Wilson 21st August 2016 / 21:37

    Calpol is always a winner! I haven’t flown with both of mine yet but I’m ever so slightly dreading it when we do. Lovely tips hun x

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