7 Very different ice cream flavours

7 amazing ice cream recipes that you didn’t know about

Ice cream is one of the world’s favourite sweet treats. In fact, in the United Kingdom alone, the market is valued at over £391 million per year with annual growth of 5%. With ‘boutique’ ice cream and gelato shops opening up and down the country, now’s the chance to create some unique flavours. Whichever recipe you make, be sure to have the necessary storage to keep your new product secure. If you’re planning on selling your ice creams, invest in an ice cream freezer. So why not try one of these 7 Very different ice cream flavours.

Goat’s cheese ice cream
An unconventional choice, goat’s cheese ice cream is a delicious twist on the traditional vanilla flavours we all know and love. Add a cup and a half of whole milk, two-thirds of a cup of sugar, four large egg yolks and four ounces of fresh goat’s cheese to an ice cream mixer, and consider serving with macerated peaches and basil and bourbon coulis.

Caramel balsamic swirl ice cream
Warm two cups of 35 percent cream with a scraped vanilla bean to a saucepan and leave on medium heat for two minutes. Whisk together six egg yolks for two minutes, and pour the warm cream and vanilla over the eggs while stirring. Remove from heat after four minutes and let it cool to room temperature before mixing in another two cups of cream. Reduce two cups of balsamic vinegar in a saucepan for ten minutes and add to the custard mixture with one cup of extra-virgin olive oil. Leave in the freezer for four hours.

Sour cream ice cream
Mix a pound of sour cream, one and two-third cups of sugar, two tablespoons or lemon juice and one cup of half-and-half. Process in an ice cream machine and serve with lemons and mint for an authentic, sour take on an ice cream favourite.

Purple Yam ice cream
Want a scoop of ice cream that looks like the packaging for a well-known brand of milk chocolate? Add one-quarter cup of frozen ube (available in Philippine and Filipino markets) to a cup of milk, five egg yolks, two cups of cream, three-quarter cups of sugar and a pinch of salt. The result? A delicious, great-looking ice cream – without artificial colours.

Cherry and bacon ice cream
If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, add a half cup of cooked bacon, a half pound of pitted sour cherries and a quarter cup of chocolate chips to a traditional brown sugar ice cream mixture. The result is unusual, but it’s a favourite in some states of America.

Curry ice cream with mango
Add a cup of dried mango, a tablespoon of curry powder and half a tablespoon of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and salt into a traditional ice cream recipe. The perfect way to finish off an authentic Indian meal.

Carrot cake ice cream
Add two cups of heavy cream, three-quarter cups of sugar and two-third cups of half and half to an ice cream maker, and then fold in chopped up pieces of carrot cake before freezing until solid. A delicious take on a traditional British dessert.

Please do let me know if you have made or are going to make one of these. Maybe you have tried a different ice cream flavour before… et me know what it was.

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  1. Denisa 7th April 2017 / 19:35

    I have never tried making an ice cream, seeing as I’m not passionate about spending time in the kitchen I probably never will… But I have to admit these recipes are very interesting! I would have never thought of a curry & mango ice cream, that sounds like something I would like to try 😀

    • Blogging Mummy 10th April 2017 / 21:23

      Its crazy isn’t it what flavours will actually go together.

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