I’m dreaming of a new bathroom

We moved into our house 7 years ago and since moving in every room has been changed or decorated apart from our bathroom. Main reason our bathroom has been left is because I know it will cost a lot to rip it all out and start again. In my opinion Id rather spend the money on the kids and making them happy than changing our bathroom.

On the face of it if you just have a quick look and skim over the bathroom it looks OK. The tiles are not to my taste however it is clean and useable. Problem is when you dig a bit deeper you see the issues with it. We have cracked tiles from when our toilet was leaking, we have a towel rail that’s past it, we have dodgy mastic around the edge of the bath, between the wall tiles has started to go a yellow colour rather than white and so has the toilet seat, lid and side of the bath. Have no idea why this has happened , we are not smokers and never have been so it must be something to do with the sunlight beaming through all day.

Here are some pictures of our current bathroom…

Looks Ok on the face of it…




Here we take a closer look…

The bath panel has gone a yellow colour and doesn’t fit in correctly


Our cracked tiled from a leak we had


The grout between some of the floor tiles has come out


The grout between the tiles on the wall is going a yellow colour


The toilet flusher is broken we had it replaced and it broke again 2 weeks later so now we just flush using the white bit in the middle. Works the same just no button.


Our dodgy mastic around the edge of the bath


Our poor towel rail I think needs to go and Rest in peace.


The plug on the bath has lost its silver colour and the bath plug is off the chain



I have dreamed for so long that one day we will move to a massive house where I can have a beautiful free-standing bath with a waterfall tap in the middle of it. Where I can lay and soak for as long as I like with my legs stretched out fully. I want it to look ultra modern with beautiful light tiles.

Here I am sharing with you 3 of my favourite suites from Big Bathroom Shop and 3 of my favourite tiles from Tile Mountain.


I love these tiles, I think they give a real ultra modern feeling. Kind of like a hotel bathroom. They are called Mosaico Grey gloss and Mosaico Cream Gloss wall tiles. They go so well together and look amazing on the wall.




I absolutely love an all black bathroom. If I ever had a bathroom big enough this is exactly what I wold choose. I would have the floor black as well. We recently went away for the week and the bathroom was all black and it looked amazing. The tiles here that I love are the ones in the shower area and the bigger black one on the wall. They are from the Matisse range and are stunning.




My last set of tiles that I love are from a range called palace. They look so and think the name fits them perfectly. If I ever did own my very own palace I would 100% choose these in one of the many bathrooms I would have. I think the tiles behind the sink give a another aspect to the bathroom and makes it a real feature point.



My top 3 Bathroom Suites…¬†

The freestanding bath that I’ve always longed for, the beautiful deep bath that you could just lay in all day. Topping up the hot water now and then.




For the smaller bathroom this one looks fantastic. I love the shape of the bath, I also love it with the tiles it is shown with. This one is called Milano Drake 1TH Showerbath Suite



Lastly I love this one. When I lived at home with my Mum and Dad we had a separate bath and shower and it was amazing. I loved the fact they were separate and you had a fully enclosed shower. It never quite the same having a shower over the bath. This is called Phoenix Emma Pottery with 800mm Quadrant.


I would rip out my whole bathroom currently and fit it out with a lovely bath. In the real world yes I would love a free-standing bath, however the bathroom isn’t big enough. I would choose a lovely deep bath with some beautiful taps. The toilet and sink would be modern, clean and fresh looking in white. I would then in the real world have to choose some light coloured tiles that make the room look bigger. In my dream world I would have all the tiles floor and wall in black, our bathroom would look the size of a matchbox if we did that now though. I love the fact our whole bathroom is tiled floor to ceiling and I would keep it that way should we re-do it. Or be lucky enough to win a competition to help us on our way.

I can imagine it now, laying back in my brand new bath, with lovely new tiles, fresh and new smelling. I would be taking a long soak every night with candles and a wine in hand. (wine not every night though he he)

This is my entry for the Dream Bathroom competition which is being hosted by Big Bathroom Shop company and Tile Mountain.


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