3 Unique Ways To Commemorate Special Moments In Your Baby’s Life

Having children will change you in so many ways. You’ll begin to see the world in a different light and your day will be determined by the beautiful child you have created. They will grow, very quickly so you definitely don’t want to miss any of their important milestones. During the first couple of years, in particular, your baby will change on a day to day basis so you need to be ready at any moment to document it. Here are some unique ways you can commemorate and celebrate your baby’s special moments.

Monthly photographs:

IMG_6651What better way of documenting your baby’s growth than a picture. This is a popular method as it’s quick and relatively easy to organise. Make it personal to your child by including their favourite toy in the image. The best way of showing how much your baby is changing is by using the same set up each time. This could be on an armchair with a chalkboard stating their age each month. Or wearing a similar coloured outfit in front of a white background. The staging of the photograph is a personal preference but always keep one element the same. After a year collect all twelve photos and display them in a big beautiful frame. This will make a beautiful memento of their growth that you can keep forever.

Personalised Dinner set:

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Another great way of documenting your baby’s milestones is by creating a personalised dinner plates and cutlery set for them. Each piece of the set can include an important date such as birthdays and christening. But also mark smaller milestones such as their first steps or first word. Stick to simply the time and date or get their photograph included into the design too. You can accumulate these over a period of time or buy all at once when they get a bit older. This set will make a wonderful gift to give them when they reach 18 or 21 years old. You can look through each part of the set and reminisce about these special moments by sharing your memories and stories together.

Write a letter:

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 21.55.54Show your baby just how proud you are of them, by writing them a message each time they reach a goal or achieve something. You can write a letter or just a quick note that expresses just how proud they make you feel. You can read your messages to them before they go to bed each night or keep them all in a special box. When they are old, enough you can get out the box and get them to read each note. It’s important that our children know they are loved and this is a simple but effective way of showing them just how much they mean to us. Remember always to write the date and what the achievement was so you don’t forget later on.

Only you can decide how you want to mark your baby’s individual milestones and achievements. Make sure it’s something that you can achieve quickly and frequently. I can guarantee your children will love the effort you made to remember these moments in their lives.


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