Mens fashion with Jacamo

For all you men out there, Jacamo is a great place to shop for many different items. From sports wear to smart casual all the way through to smart business suits and shoes. Doug recently was asked if he would like to try out some items from the website. Doug being Doug has quite a lot of clothes in fact more than me, so he ordered a couple of pairs of boots which are lovely. The first pair of boots are called the suede look blue Chukka boots. they are available in sizes from 7 up to 12 and are… View Post

Mother’s Day with Getting Personal

With Mother’s Day upon us are you looking for the perfect gift for your Mum or Grandma? Getting Personal let me have a look through their Mother’s day gift selection and there are some beautiful gift ideas. I found it so hard to decide what to go for but chose… Glass token…This is a beautiful glass ornament which you can personalise. It comes in a beautiful box with blue satin inside. The token says… ‘To the world you may be one person but to us you are the world’. We then personalised it at the bottom saying ‘Love from….. ’… View Post

Money series part 1: Sorting out debt

I have been thinking for a while about doing a series on my blog which is money related. Making money from home, getting out of debt, how to save money and how to spend wisely. I have to admit I have always been very careful with my money the older I have got. When I was younger like most young people I had credit cards and a loan at one point and looking back now I have no idea why I had the loan. It can be very easy to let things spiral out of control though and get to… View Post

5 Tips for Shooting Baby Videos

Has your little one just started taking their first steps? Or is it that s/he has just begun to speak their first words? Well, as a parent, there are many such priceless moments that you will wish to capture to cherish the memories later. But shooting baby videos is anyday a tough task. There are lots of things to consider to ensure a memorable video. Are you a new parent about to video your munchkin for the first time? Well, no worries, here are some tips to help you churn a beautiful heart-warming video of your little angel. Record on… View Post

Cool Clobber

With the weather only getting colder at the moment, currently tonight it is 0 wearing some nice warm cosy PJs is a must. The boys love nothing more than wearing long PJs in bed and at the weekends they love to stay in them all day. Thank you to Cool Clobber the kids have some brand new PJs to share with you. We have a little Buzz Lightyear and an Avengers mad 7 year old. I don’t think my 2 can have enough different pairs of PJs the amount they wear them. I mean who doesn’t love lazy days in… View Post

Keeping Yourself Safe Online

There is a lot of worry out there when it comes to keeping yourself and family members safe online. While companies implement things like software for identity verification to reduce fraud and provide us with a safer customer experience, there are also ways we as consumers of the digital world can do to keep ourselves protected. Here we are going to take a look at some of the ways you can be safe online. EmailsOne of the most common ways that the average internet user is caught out by scams is through their emails. You might innocently click on a… View Post

You Shouldn’t Buy That Home, Unless You Can Answer These Questions

Buying a home takes lots of thinking, reflection and planning before taking the leap to commit to a 20, 30 or even 40-year mortgage in your name, and quite rightly so. If you’re on the verge of purchasing a home, you should be well equipped to answer the below questions, to ensure you’re prepared to take on a mortgage for a new place and that it’s the right property for you.   Can You Afford The House You Want To Buy? Preferably you should already have a deposit, solicitors fees and moving costs saved well before you start looking for… View Post

Our dream horse with Petplan Equine insurance

When Little Man was given the chance to design his own horse with Petplan and have it made into a soft cuddly horse I knew this would be something he would be so excited about. If I was given the chance to do this now I would (big kid) Over the years blogging has bought some weird and wonderful experiences and opportunities but this has to be one that’s just so different and exciting. I had to help him draw the outline of the horse but left everything else down to him, from the design to colours he used. He… View Post

Sorting out our Garden this new year

Over the last year I have been trying to get our garden in some kind of order but it just hasn’t happened. Don’t get me wrong the garden was OK when we moved into our new house, however it needed changing a little to suit us as a family. There were a few bushes and garden areas which were overgrown and needed sorting out. We needed to add a climbing frame for the kids and get the grass looking a little nicer. I have been brought up in a family where gardening is a big part of our lives. My… View Post

Our moving home disaster story

When we moved into our new house we knew it was important to put our gas boiler on a contract in order to have it checked yearly and to be insured against breakdown. The worst thing is your boiler breaking down on a Saturday afternoon in the winter and no insurance for a call out. We called one company to insure the boiler and their policy was to come out and check the boiler first to make sure it wasn’t on its last legs. Anyway after coming out they actually advised us they wouldn’t take the boiler on and condemned it.… View Post