Christmas Ideas for Fortnite fans – Review

If you haven’t heard of Fortnite where have you been for the last 2 years? Fortnite was invented by Epic games and is the most popular multiplayer online game. I am pretty sure everyone had heard of it though in one form or another. We have recently been sent some Fortnite mini figures which will be perfect for any Fortnite fans Christmas presents. The first set we have is Battle Royale collection including 4 separate figures, Dire, Calamity, DJ Yonder and Giddy-up. We then have 4 single packs including Red Knight, Crackshot, Aerial Threat and Wukong. We then have 4… View Post

Slap Ninja Game – Review

Slap Ninja is a fast pace competitive game that my boys absolutely love. We were sent this game to review and to ultimately let you guys know what we thought of it. Slap Ninja arrives with absolutely zero need to set anything up to start playing. Games like this are a hit straight away with me, we all know what it is like when you are setting up a game the kids are moaning and it all ends in disaster. (check out my littler Ninja in the background of the below picture) The aim of the game is for the… View Post

My secret Obsession

This is something I have never mentioned on my blog before and it isn’t for any other reason than… it has never come up in conversation before. About 4 years ago I downloaded the flight radar app to watch my parents on a flight. It shows you the point where the aircraft is, height, when it lands and lots more. I watched them fly to their destination and land and I found it really interesting. From that point I start to watch other flight around the world, the flight radar app shows every plane in the sky at that moment… View Post

Our trip to Tropical Island Resort – Berlin

It was Doug’s Birthday in April and I decided to take him away with the kids to Tropical Island Resort in Berlin. I had seen a little bit about what this place was and it looked amazing. Although it’s a waterpark this is a place for adults as well as kids. With the kids coming with us it had to be a place they would enjoy as well. I set about booking the flights, we hired a car and stayed in a mobile home at Tropical Island Resort. We flew on the 26th August and stayed for 3 night’s with… View Post

Back to School checklist

As some of you may know I have one child going into Y4 and another starting reception this September. I can not believe that I will have 2 children in school, they grow up so fast. With one of them being in Y4 and another in Reception their back to school needs are very different. So I have put together a few items that may help you with younger and older children with back to school. Decent size backpack – I bought my eldest a school book bag when he first started school and it soon became very obvious that… View Post

Flipazoo Review

If your children are anything like mine then they will have too many stuffed toys and change their mind all the time. One day mine like one thing and the next day they can be interested in something totally different. With Flipazoo this can be resolved. Flipazoo stuffed toys can be swapped from one animal to another within seconds. Its like a 2 in 1 toy and can be swapped over whenever your child likes. Not only do they make stuffed animals they also make playlets that flip as well. My little man was sent a large 16′ RRP £16.99… View Post

FREE/Cheap things to do with the kids

With the summer holiday’s here and the kids at home for the next 6 weeks, I thought I would share with you a few ideas that can keep the kids entertained that cost very little to absolutely nothing. Crafting day… My kids love anything to do with crafts, so I have decided to take them to hobby craft to choose something they would like to craft with. We have a lot of crafting items gems, papers, stickers, glues etc but they can choose something lie a hat to decorate, or the paper mâché animals that you can buy and paint.… View Post

A day at Newmarket races

Since I was very young I can remember my Dad watching the horse racing on TV. We went to a few race days when I was younger and it was such a fun day out. Newmarket was the main one we used to visit and now I am older and have my own children I love to take them. A day out at the races isn’t just for grown up men and woman to go drinking champagne and betting on horses for the day… well that is one part of it however it can also be an amazing family day… View Post

Family Plans

It’s been a while since I have written a personal post on the blog and there have been many reasons for this. First off I have been so busy that It has been hard to find the time to write. With both kids being pretty full on, being the main carer for my nan and helping out Mum and Dad as much as I can it takes a lot of time. These things are my main priority at the moment so unfortunately the blog has to take a back seat. After being made redundant last year we decided I wasn’t… View Post

Make your money work…

For as long as I can remember my parents always taught me to save my money and not waste it on rubbish that wasn’t needed. I must admit money used to burn a hole in my pocket when I was younger 16/17 wish. I worked a job on the checkout at Morrisons and each month my very small wage used be wasted on anything that I wanted and nothing I needed. At the age of 18 I was lucky enough to buy my first house with my then partner with the help from my parents and at that point I… View Post