Hotter shoes review

In this post I really want to get a simple message across… Hotter shoes are not just aimed at the older generation. I think this is something so many people think, including myself until I was invited in to choose a pair of shoes to review. I walked into my local Hotter store and was met by the very cheerful Danielle. We had spoken on the phone many times and I just knew we would have a laugh and get on. We finally sorted a date and time and agreed I would go in and choose a pair. I chose… View Post

Kaya Jewellery Review

Kaya jewellery, meaningful jewellery for baby, child and mum. Since I have been quite young I have always worn jewellery, a ring, necklace and bracelet. I actually only have one of each of these items so don’t alternate. When Kaya Jewellery contacted me and asked if I would like to review an item I had to accept. I decided to choose a necklace as my ring is white gold, my bracelet is white gold and my current necklace is gold. I thought if I chose a lovely silver necklace it would go better with my ring and bracelet. I decided… View Post

End of Reception

Friday saw Little Man finish his first year at school in reception. It is hard to believe that he has completed his first year already, it only seems like yesterday I was taking him in for his first day. I remember his first day so clearly, I held it together until I got home and cried. When he started school he couldn’t write his name, in fact he couldn’t really write at all, he couldn’t tell the time or add numbers together. He could count to 10 and then got all the numbers mixed up past 10 and his speech… View Post

UK Camping holidays with Halfords

Have you ever been on a UK camping holiday? When I was younger we used to go on long weekend camping breaks and they were fab (when the weather was nice) Since I have been older the only camping I have done it festivals. For a little while now we have been thinking about doing a few long weekend camping breaks around the UK. Friday night after work and school, return Sunday evening is a lovely break for the weekend. I remember as  a child we would pack up on a Friday night after my Dad was home from work, we… View Post

Lucky Voice Karaoke Review

Who doesn’t love Karaoke?? Doug and I have always loved karaoke and we used to sing into a hairbrush using the karaoke songs on Virgin Tv, that was until was had the chance to review The Lucky Voice karaoke kit. What’s included in the kit… 1 light and chic microphone mixer 1 x 5m microphone cable 1 headphone to phone cable 1 instruction sheet 1 metal bodied dynamic microphone 2 headphone to headphone cables (yes its headphone to headphone) You also get a voucher for a free month of singing What you will need to use the kit… computer, laptop,… View Post

Our local Firestation open day

The kids both love Fireman Sam so when I heard that our local forestation had an open day we were really excited to take the kids. I told Little Man and he was instantly really excited and couldn’t wait. It happened to be a really nice day and the sun was out the whole day. It was a fab day and both kids enjoyed it even though Bubs did sleep for most of it. There was a BBQ, Live rescue, dunk the Fireman, put the fire out and lots more. the kids could sit in a fire engine, police van… View Post

Krispy Kreme Peterborough

I was so lucky to be invited to the opening of the brand spanking new Krispy Kreme Store last week. What an invite this was it has to be among the best hey? I was invited down last Monday for a VIP night before the grand opening which was last Wednesday. I met some really lovely people and had a fab night. We had a wonderful tour behind the scenes and even had chance to make our own doughnuts which was an experience (not as easy as it looks) These are the ones I made, wonder if these would pass… View Post

Broken Collar bone update

4 weeks have now passed since Little Man broke his collar bone. He has hated wearing the sling however he knew that he has had no choice. He has not been able to play outside with his friends at school or take part in his very first sports day. He has had friends parties that he has been to but not able to play on the bouncy castle that was there. He took it in his stride though when I was telling him that he couldn’t do this and couldn’t do that. Finally on Friday the day came for him… View Post

King Evelthon Beach Hotel and Resort

After all the trouble we had with changing our holiday from Turkey, we are now going to Paphos in Cyprus. I am actually looking forward to our holiday now rather than dreading it and wondering if there would be any trouble. I will be able to relax and chill out without looking over my shoulder all the time and jumping at every noise. I know people all say no where is ‘safe’ at the moment and I totally agree, however there are ‘safER’ places to go. We are going to The King Evelthon Beach hotel and Resort and it looks… View Post

Orchard Toys Build A Beetle

When travelling on a plane I always try to take a few things to keep the kids occupied. I like to buy new things so that it keeps their attention for longer than games and toys they have already played with. Well…I have the perfect game which will fit easily in your hand luggage and keep the kids entertained. I bring you Build a Beetle from Orchard Toys. Orchard Toys have 6 fantastic new games that are in a small box which makes it so easy to pack to take away with you. We have played Build a Beetle and… View Post