How to Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

Perhaps you’ve recently gotten a promotion and you need to prepare your home for the occasional visit from a team of managers from another regional branch. Maybe the neighborhood has gone upmarket and you want your décor to match the gentrification that’s happened. Whatever the reason, as a homeowner, there comes a time when you want to add some luxuries and the appearance of wealth, even if you’ve only just scored the promotion last week. Let’s look at how to make your home look more luxurious. Classic Paintings as Prints on the Wall One of the best ways to add… View Post

It’s Not Christmas Without These Essentials

Christmas Day means different things to different people. Some people celebrate it as a religious holiday, whereas for others it’s just a day to have fun with family to brighten up the dreariness of winter. Whatever reason you have for your Christmas festivities, there are some essential elements of the day that everyone has to have. They might differ in their execution, but the themes are the same in almost every Christmas household. Your Favourite People Christmas is a time to spend with people you love. You have to spend the day with your favourite people, even if your favourite… View Post

Design and Drill Learning Resources Review

Design and Drill is a great portable toy that can be taken almost anywhere with you. Its all packed up and ready to go in its own little case. We were recently sent Design and Drill to review from Learning resources, one of our favourite toy brands. I just knew that both of the boys would love this as its quite a novelty toy. With over 60 bolts, a real kids drill and 3 drill bits I just knew this was going to be something which they may fight over using. The carry case its actually the board so it… View Post

Random Acts of Kindness with Oxfam

Making someone happy and smile is something that I find one of the most rewarding things in life for me. Giving to others makes me much happier than receiving something I really want. A random act of kindness can make someone really happy and make their day. It doesn’t have to be something amazing and over the top just the smallest things can brighten up someones day. I remember on my very first trip out with both of my children when Little Man was 3 and a half and Bubs was about 6 weeks old. I was over tired and… View Post

Peppas Interactive Play mat – Review- Blogging Mummy

I have possibly one of the worlds biggest Peppa Pig fans, Bubs absolutely loves Peppa. I just knew he would love Peppa’s interactive play mat so couldn’t wait to receive it to review when we were asked. If you have read my other review posts you will know that were as a family are big fans of games and toys where can be played with but can also be used to learn from at the same time. I love interactive toys where children just don’t realise they are learning whilst they are playing. Peppa’s interactive play mat is all about… View Post

Mickey roadster racers pit crew toolbox review

Mickey roadster racers pit crew toolbox review- We were really lucky enough to be able to review the Mickey roadster racers garage a couple of months back. My little boy absolutely loved it so we were as excited to review the pit crew toolbox. When it arrived it looked fantastic and after taking about 10 minutes to get the packaging off my little boy couldn’t wait to play with it. Once he started to play with it and I had a proper look at it didn’t seem very strong and I wasn’t sure how long it would withstand the wrath… View Post

Balancing New-Home Costs With New-Home Improvements

Balancing new home costs with new home improvements can often seem like an impossible, sometimes gargantuan task. How are you supposed to fulfill all the small intricacies of how a family home FEELS like a family home without breaking the bank? Getting started in a new place is difficult enough, especially if you have a child on the way. It often takes a few weeks or months even to become accustomed to paying the new bills and learning how to stretch your money further. Repainting or decorating can seem like a far-off possibility with that in mind. However, this is… View Post

Bob the Turtle and other MAM Products

In the past I have worked with MAM on so many occasions and have always been really impressed with their products. We have recently had the opportunity to review some lovely products from MAM again. As parents we all know how important it is to keep our little ones teeth nice and clean, so the learn to brush set and first brush is fantastic. The learn to brush set is a 2 step process to help your little one brush their teeth correctly. Step 1 is the brush with an extra long handle this enable parents and the baby/toddler to… View Post

We finally have a new home

We have finally move home…. YAY, finally! After selling our house back in April and lots and lots of issues along the way we have finally moved into our new home. Its been a dream for so long and it was a dream I wasn’t sure would come true but finally it has. We moved home on Thursday 12th October 2017 and what a day it was. The kids were at school and nursery which was great because we could just get on with everything and didn’t have to worry about the kids and what they were doing. I did… View Post

Plans for our new home with Velux Blinds Direct

A lot of you who follow my blog will know we have literally just moved home. It has been such an exciting yet stressful time, I can now however see light at the end of the tunnel. We have already started talking about making the house our own and what we can do to make it feel like we have put our stamp on it. We are getting the kids rooms decorated within the next couple of weeks, I feel it is the most important to concentrate on getting them settled. We have a lot of short-term cheaper plans decorating,… View Post