3 kitchen design trends you need to know about

3 kitchen design trends you need to know about When it comes to styling your kitchen, it can be tricky to know where to begin, and unless you’re sure of how you want your new cooking space to look, this project could turn into a decor disaster. To give you some design inspiration, here are three kitchen trends you need to know about before you begin. The farmhouse effect It’s no secret that farmhouse style kitchens are one of the most popular design trends to date. So while you may not live in a rustic property, there’s no reason why… View Post

Win with Sudocrem

This Summer Sudocrem will launch its biggest ever giveaway! Summer is here and so is the brand new Sudocrem Summer Sports Day campaign! With 3 fun games and £1000s worth of prizes to giveaway, it’s certainly something to get excited about. Over 6 weeks, Sudocrem fans are invited to take part in Sudocrem’s biggest ever instant win competition to date. Fans are encouraged to visit the brand’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Sudocrem) where they will find 3 BRAND NEW and fun games to play. If a user is successful in beating the game, they will then be in with a chance of… View Post

What is the Blue Badge Scheme and do you qualify?

What is the Blue Badge Scheme – and could you qualify? Parking in busy towns, shopping centres and other areas these days can be difficult enough for anyone, but if you or a family member is disabled, it’s even more of a challenge. This is where the Blue Badge scheme comes in. The initiative is designed to allow certain people with disabilities to park in areas that are restricted to other motorists. If you have one of these badges either as a driver or a passenger, you have more choices when it comes to when and where you park. Here,… View Post

Order your Fathers day cards from Thortful

There is a fab new app to order all of your occasions cards online. What better time than to try it out now in time for Father day. It’s very simple and very easy to use, we have tried it out and love it. First of all you need to download the thortful app onto your smart phone, it is free to download. You then have a choice of occasions to choose from such as Father day, Birthday, thank you, marriage and engagement etc. Once you have chosen your occasion you then can search through all the cards available to… View Post

Learning Resources Kids Camp Set

All children love building and playing in Dens and I remember as a child I loved it. I have built many play dens with Little Man since he was really young and he has always loved it. What better time than to build a den with your child than this week for national den building week. A couple of chairs and a couple of blankets make for a perfect den. Learning resources also have the perfect accessories for any child to use. We were lucky enough to be sent the Pretend and Play camp set and I have to say… View Post

Fun at Peterborough Museum

This half term I noticed that Peterborough Museum had owls and bird and reptiles coming in. The Owls and birds were there one day and the reptiles another day. Little Man loves Owls so we decided to go when they were there. Little Man had a wonderful time holding the Owls, looking around the museum and looking out for clues to spell a mystery word. You can see more from our fun day here on video  

Southwest chicken with boiled rice and roasted veg.

This is a new favourite of mine and its super easy to make and is a great dish if you don’t have a lot of time. What you will need… 2 chicken breasts Rice (enough for 2) Roasted veg I use.. courgette, cherry tomatoes, red onion, red and yellow peppers. You can add anything else you like though For the Southwest Rub… 2 tsp chili powder 2 tsp garlic granuals 2 tsp paprika 2 tsp sea salt although i only use one 1 tsp ground corriander 1 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp ground black pepper Add all the ingredients for… View Post

Broken Collarbone

On Wednesday last week (8th June 2016) it was about 1230 and the phone rang. I was just feeding Bubs so rushed over to get the phone quickly. It was the school… They said that Little Man had fallen over at school on the grass and hurt his shoulder. He seemed very distressed and was very upset, they would like me to go and collect him. Me thinking he was just over reacting a bit decided to finish feeding Bubs then walk round to the school. About half hour later I got to school and picked up Little Man. He… View Post

Helping your baby cope with a rash

Everyone knows the mixed bag of feelings that comes with having a little one in your life. The affection you feel for them can be overwhelming from time to time, like some kind of drug. At the same time, there can be moments of fear and dread when they’re not well. This is made harder by knowing that they have no way to articulate their discomfort. Fortunately, the range of options available to a stressed-out parent is wide and increasing all the time. When your child is coping with an itchy skin rash, it’s frustrating. You wish you could explain… View Post

To move or not to move

We are currently trying to decide if to move or not to move! We really need a bigger home and are trying to decide if to move or to stay where we are and extend. The problem we have is extending will cost us a lot of money but probably wont add that much value. We could then move and spend the extra on moving to a new area, with new neighbours and a new start. At the moment we love the area we live in, we have the most fantastic neighbours all around us and it is really nice and… View Post