The Top Ways To Lose your Baby fat

During pregnancy, we often end up eating more than we should. We tend to pick at food that we want, and cravings can make our calorie intake go through the roof. And after we give birth, it can be a stressful time trying to adjust to having a little person to look after so we eat when we can. But then we realize we should try and get rid of the weight we have put on since the pregnancy. Here are some top ways to lose the fat once the baby has arrived. Eat healthy… If you want to lose… View Post

JCB Kids Twitter Party

I am going to be part of the @JCBKids Twitter Party. I hear you all asking when it is… well look no further… Be there or be square as the saying goes. Use the #Digtheadventure

Things You Must Do For Happy Kids!

Some kids are naturally happier than others. Some are more introverted, and prefer to keep themselves to themselves. However, just because they are quieter, doesn’t mean they are unhappy. Happy kids come in all shapes and sizes and have all kinds of personality traits. The things you do can have a lot to do with how happy your kids are in general. These things are steps you must take if you want happy kids: Let Them Try New Things Having happy kids is all about letting them try new things. They like to learn and explore. Letting them try new… View Post

Funky Cushion Review and giveaway

At the moment I am really into cushion covers. I love buying cushion covers of standard size and swapping them around in my living room or bedroom. After coming across Funky Cushion I was so happy that I was given the chance to review a set of 2 cushions. The ‘Mr Right’ and “Mrs Always Right’ set are fantastic. I chose them as they were quite funny and very modern looking. They actually go with the colour of my sofa too which is a bonus. These cushion covers are £10 for the pair and I personally think this is a really… View Post

Little update on Little Man and School

As many of you know Little Man started school back in September 2015. The first 4 years of his life have flown by and I just couldn’t get my head around the fact he was starting school. We are now almost at the summer holiday’s! How the hell did that happen? I am so proud of how Little Man is coming on at school. I have noticed such a massive improvement in almost every aspect of his life. His reading has come on leaps and bounds, his social skills have massively improved. Rather than my shy little boy who wouldn’t… View Post

Living Room Wish List/ Ideas

Are you maybe thinking of having a change in your living room? I have listed below a few things that I absolutely love and thought I would share with you. Hopefully you get some ideas if this is something you are thinking of. 1.Modern Living Room Decor 2. Corona Coffee Table 3.White High Gloss TV unit 4. Modern Rug 5. Chandelier 6. Photo frames 7. Yankee Candle 8. Modern Arm Chair 9. Modern Coffee Table      

Parragon Book Buddies, Hippity Hoppity Little Bunny

Being a Parragon Book Buddy is great and we get to read a look at some lovely books. This month we were treated to another finger book, which my 19 month old loves. The book is called Hippity Hoppity Little Bunny. Follow the adventures of Little Bunny to find all the eggs along the way. At the back of the book you can out you fingers inside the bunny puppet and wiggle him about. Both of my kids love this. Little man can do this himself however Bubs is a bit young just yet but loves the book being read… View Post

Treating Kids That Live Away From Home

It can be challenging to maintain a very close bond with your children if they no longer live at home. Perhaps they have moved away for University, or maybe they are attending boarding school. Or it could be that they spend half of their time at the other parent’s house.Whatever the reason is, you’ll still want to treat them. You’ll just need to find different ways to do this. Take them out for a meal: This treat is especially good for grown-up kids who are now at University. Even if they have loans and a part-time job, they’re probably not… View Post

Car Tyre Safety

Checking your tyres on a regular basis may not be at the top of your list of things to do, however it is something that should be taken very serious. A few years ago now we were on our way to Scarborough. Driving down the motorway in our Vauxhall Insignia and all of a sudden we heard a noise which sounded like a motorbike going past us at high speed. As we looked round as it was quite loud there was no motorbike in sight. The car then felt as if it wasn’t driving correctly, we decided to pull over… View Post

Win £100 VISA gift card with DC Super Hero Girls

Girls can be Super Hero’s too can’t they? Corse they can! So… If your kids are looking for action-packed girl power, look no further than DC Super Hero Girls. DC Entertainment’s latest animated series features a dynamic group of Super Heros on their journey of discovering the power of their unique abilities and friendships. There really is a character for everyone from Fun, Strong, Edgy and fearless. This is a brand new Youtube Channel which any child will love. I have actually had a watch and think it is a great new series. These days with children having tablets to play… View Post