It’s all in the Soil

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States of America, knew the importance of soil declaring that “the nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself”. We give little thought the ground beneath our feet, to the soil in our gardens, our parks and so on. And yet, without soil, our planet would not exist. The Importance of Soil Soil packed with nutrients is the very thing that every plant, from pretty blooms to crops, need to grow. Soil takes a lifetime for the earth to create, yet it can be destroyed in minutes. As well as organic matter, there… View Post

We have our 2017 holiday booked!

We are the type of family who like to make sure we have our holiday for the year booked quite early. We love to have something to get excited for and something to be able to look forward to. As you can probably guess we have our 2017 holiday booked! A family holiday is so important to us because Doug works long hours, doesn’t really see the kids before going to work and when he gets home they are getting ready for bed. It is nice to be able to spend time as a family and not having to live… View Post


  At the start of 2017 a friend of mine Katie and I decided we were going to do a 2017 challenge. After looking through our pictures we realised we have hardly any of our family together. For Us that is 4 of us and for Katie that is 5 of them. Each day we post a picture to Instagram and Facebook with all of us in it. We are going to do this every single day of 2017, then at the end of 2017 we will have 352 lovely pictured of our family altogether. We have now been doing… View Post

January update on our CH journey

Little man had a blood test back in August 2016 and after his levels been stable for the last few test we were told Febuary 2017 would be his next test. Just before Christmas Bubs started to get more tired than normal and his had slightly harder poops. I called up our consultant and he agreed with me that it was best to get a test done. We went to the hospital on the 27th December 2016 and I was really worried as Bubs gets himself so worked up before the test. Every time he has had a blood test… View Post

All ready for Christmas

We are just about ready for Christmas now. After weeks of buying presents and days of wrapping I feel I can now see the wood for the trees. I was starting to panic that I had so much to wrap and so little time, luckly I am now there. We have our fresh turkey, food shop done and all plans in place for the big day. Our cheeky little Elf is leaving us real soon and the kids have really loved having him around. The advent calendars are almost empty and the big day is almost here. So what is left… View Post

Vileda Windo Matic Review

One job that I really hate is cleaning the windows. With the kids being young still, I will clean the windows and 5 minutes later there are finger marks all over them. The job takes the best part of an hour to do the whole house and only 5 minutes for the kids to muck them up again. Vileda have the perfect solution (well not to the kids finger marks) The Vileda windo matic cuts the job by half the time. I am able to clean the windows in the house in speedy time and it feels amazing. Not only… View Post

The perfect present for a loved one from Canvas Online

When I was contacted about reviewing a canvas from Canvas online I was over the moon. They make fantastic Christmas presents and I knew that this would be perfect to review in time for Christmas. We were offered and 14×14 canvas to review and I knew the perfect picture to use. From Canvas online, prices start from £6.99 with a free fixing bracket and orders over £50 come with free delivery. It is really simple to order your canvas and the quality is absolutely fantastic. You simply select the picture you wish to use. Your picture then appears on the… View Post

We had dinner with Santa

This weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to Wyvale garden Centre to have ‘Dinner’ with the one and only Santa Claus. We were due there at 1500 and the event went on till 1630. I just knew this time of day would be a nightmare for bubs as he would fall asleep in the car, which he did. He didn’t wake up right till the very last minute. It was an absolutely fantastic event and Little Man loved it so much. We had pre ordered our food, the kids had nuggets, chips and peas. Doug and I had… View Post

Win with Sudocrem

How do you fancy winning with sudocrem? On the lead up to Christmas 2016 (still can’t believe its here already) Sudocrem have launch a really fun game on Facebook. For your chance to win one of ten Kindle Fires and more why not give it a go. All you have to do is catch 50 gremlins in 60 seconds. Little tip… its so much easier and quicker if you do it on your phone! So why not pop on over to the sudocrem page and see if you’re fast enough. Sudocrem have also given me 2 goody bags to give… View Post

Celebrating Christmas with Hallmark at tesco

Hallmark is a very well known Brand name, which I am sure most people will of heard of. What does the brand name Hallmark mean to you? Quality? Cards? special occasions etc. To me Hallmark always shows the seal of quality, I always know a Hallmark card is going to be very good quality, very well made and a lovely card to receive. The raised Hallmark logo on the back of each envelope is so well known and widely recognised. Hallmark have just started trial selling their cards in Tesco which is great. My local Tesco is one of the… View Post