A trip to our local Poundworld Plus and what we bought for £50

Last week we were invited to visit our newly opened local Poundworld Plus store. I have been into lots of Poundworld shops before, however not a plus store. What is a Poundworld Plus store I hear you asking… So it still stocks the full range of £1 items, plus and extra 1000 items priced up to £5. Most of the items do go up in pounds but there are a few items that are not a round pound. I actually think this is a fantastic idea as it broadens the range of items you can buy in one place. The items which… View Post

Fisher Price Blaze and the Monster Machines, Monster Dome Playset review

When I was asked if we would like to review Blaze and the Monster Machines Monster Dome play set, I just knew Little man especially would be so excited. I didn’t actually tell him to start with. Both of my kids love watching Blaze but I knew Bubs would be too small to use the play set. So what is the playset and whats in the box I hear you asking….   Blaze toy Crusher toy Red Launcher and a Blue launcher 2 red ramps, with arrows for up and down A blue 360° loop, The loop has to be fitted… View Post

Queensgate Winter Wishlist #Qblogger

With less than 3 full months to go until Christmas, I have now started my Christmas shopping. It is crazy how fast this year has gone and I cant believe that we are actually speaking about Christmas already. Last week I attended an event at Queensgate in Peterborough as part of my #qblogger role. John Lewis are already starting to make it feel a lot like Christmas with these beautiful Christmas displays… So my task was to visit some of the shops and put together my Christmas list ready to send off to Santa. With so many great shops to visit… View Post

What is a ‘professional’ blogger?

What is a professional blogger? I don’t know do you? Some people call themselves a professional blogger and I would love to know what makes you a professional blogger? Is it once you have worked with a certain company or reviewed a certain item? Is it when you have been on a certain day out? Or maybe it is once you have reviewed a holiday, or you are part of the certain ‘in’ group? I have been blogging for 4 years now and don’t call myself a ‘professional’ I am just a blogger. No better, no worse than the next… View Post

House Of Fraser Dresses

Looking for a dress for that special occasion then look no further than House Of Fraser. Whether you are looking for short or long, pink or orange, skater style or fitted they really have a dress that will suit all tastes, shapes and sizes. I was very kindly sent this absolutely beautiful dress and I will be wearing it for my works Christmas party. The royal blue dress is so heavy as the quality is top notch and the way the skirt part falls makes it look amazing. I can tell this is going to be a dress that I will… View Post

Drumond Park Gross Magic Set review and giveaway

We have been really lucky to be able to review another FANTASTIC magic set from Drumond Park. Little Man really loves magic sets and I love the fact that sometimes the tricks go wrong but we have to pretend not to have seen! We were sent Gross Magic to review and it certainly is very gross. It includes toilets, cockroaches, veins, snot and lots more gross props. The set retails for £19.99 which is feel is great value. Little Man was able to do most of the tricks, however I had to read the booklet included and show him first.… View Post

Roco Clothing Review

Roco clothing is a beautiful clothing brand that mainly caters for boys and girls up to 16 years of age. They do also have a small range for men and ladies. We have been lucky enough to be able to review 3 pieces of clothing from the boys range and there are so many lovely items to choose from it was a difficult choice. I decided to choose 2 winter jumpers (yes I know winter is upon us now) and a lovely blue shirt for Little Man. We took the blue shirt on our recent holiday with us and it… View Post

My Autumn/Winter wish list

I still find it incredibly hard to get my head around the fact I am writing and Autumn/winter wishlist! How is this possible?? I still feel like we are in Summer, however I am definitely sat here with the heating on whilst the rain pours and the sky is getting dark at 1715. I have been having a look through Love The Sales to try and find myself some lovely Autumn/Winter pieces and I have found some lovely items that I will share with you. Would love to know what you think? This is not an outfit that I have… View Post

Vintage jewellery from Berganza

I have always worn jewellery since I was quite young and have so many different items from nice expensive items to costume jewellery to jazz up an outfit when going out. Day to day I wear a white gold diamond ring, necklace, eternity bracelet and earrings.  All of which were bough from shops on the high street. Recently though I have been looking at Vintage jewellery online and have come across some really nice pieces. I actually think that vintage jewellery looks a lot more individual. I find these days a lot of modern rings especially; although they look different they… View Post

We took the Wicked Uncle challenge

A couple of weeks ago we were challenged to take the Wicked Uncle Challenge and it was really easy. All we needed was… Some children who like cool gifts and presents… TICK A blog… TICK A wicked grown up with NO children… TICK (My uncle and his wife have no children so he was perfect to use) We received a voucher code which had to be passed on to my uncle and he then chose some toys for my kids. The idea of the challenge is to see how easy it is to find gifts and presents from the Wicked… View Post