Having a Planned C-section??

This is a guide for any one having a planned section. Whether this be your first or second or more having a section can be a scary thought. You can read on the NHS about c-sections but I find it is nicer to read from someone who has actually experienced it. I had my first section in 2011 and this was an emergency. I will write more about this is another post, today were concentrating on Mummy’s to be having a planned section. Also this is great for Daddy’s too so they also know what to expect. It can be… View Post

My Slimming World Journey week 7

My main reason for joining up to Slimming World was to obviously lose weight, same as most people I guess. I do however love going for the social aspect too and I have made some good friends there. We always stay to group and have a right laugh together. We have quite a bit of competition between the 4 of us and it really pushes you. My last weigh in was on Thursday and I have now lost in total 8.5 lbs I am really happy with this as I have had a couple of bad weeks. This week I… View Post

Hate the waste

As you will have seen on my blog recently this week, we have been trying to cut back and save money. We had spent about £120 a week on our food shopping and we both realised that is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on food. Most of the spend was because we would waste so much food and then have to buy more. When in fact we could have saved some of the waste and no had to re buy. I have a few ideas of how we are able to cut down now and I am really… View Post

I’m dreaming of a new bathroom

We moved into our house 7 years ago and since moving in every room has been changed or decorated apart from our bathroom. Main reason our bathroom has been left is because I know it will cost a lot to rip it all out and start again. In my opinion Id rather spend the money on the kids and making them happy than changing our bathroom. On the face of it if you just have a quick look and skim over the bathroom it looks OK. The tiles are not to my taste however it is clean and useable. Problem… View Post

Our first week of living on a budget

I told you last week that I was going to start spending only £50 a week on our food shopping. There were so many ways we could cut down and here is how we did… Day 1… Stuffed Peppers with new potatoes, salad and corn on the cob. (not the best pic as I forgot to take a picture and I had already started eating) The rest of the salad items can be used for lunches along with the left over potatoes.   DAY 2… Fish with salad and paprika wedges. We used salad which we already had from the… View Post

Our baby is now 10 months

All I want to say is… Stop growing so fast. Our baby soon will not be a baby any more and it really saddens me. Bubs has grown up far to fast and the months have flown by. I can’t believe he has now been here with us longer than he was growing in my tummy for. Bubs is such a giggly baby. He will laugh at everything , especially when his brother is being silly. The boys are so close and I have a really good feeling that it will stay like this when they grow up. I really… View Post

Our night at the theatre

We recently were very lucky to receive 2 tickets to attend the Shaftesbury theatre in london. We went to see Memphis and I knew we would both love it. It’s really nice for the other half and I to be able to get out and do things like this. The kids love to stay with my parents and they love having them. We decided to eat before we went due to the strikes on the tube, we were unsure how well we would be able to get around.   We arrived in London about an hour before the tubes stopped and… View Post

Orchard Toys Frog Party review

In our house we love the Orchard Toys games, not only because they are fun to play but because your children learn whilst playing. Little Man loves playing all of the Orchard Toys games we have, some of which he is now to big for and they have been put away for Bubs. Recently we have been playing the Frog Party game and its been a huge hit with Little Man. It’s a mathematics game that can be made easier for the younger children or harder for the older ones. It’s a very simple game and easy to set up,… View Post

My new blog layout

Just a quick post to introduce you to my new blog layout. I am absolutely over the moon with it and think it looks so much better. I had been wanting a new layout for so long and now I have finally bitten the bullet and done it. Changing your theme or layout can be a scary time as you get used to how it looks, however If you are thinking of doing it then take the plunge. I couldn’t be happier with mine. The theme is a pre made one from a company called Pipdig and they couldn’t have… View Post

Living on a budget

I am now at the point of receiving no money from work due to being on maternity leave for over 9 months. I was on full pay for 6 months, then 6-9 I was on statutory pay and now 9 – 12 months I receive nothing. Although we can live on hubby’s money I have decided to try to budget and shop more carefully. I am giving us a £50 a week challenge and really have no idea how we will do. We have been spending £100+ a week and a lot of it is on stuff we really do… View Post