Birds Eye Inspirations, veg and new potatoes

This is a quick favourite of mine. I call it my “in a rush meal’ it is delicious and very low sys if you are on Slimming world. Birds Eye Inspirations, veg and new potatoes Ingredients… Birds Inspirations Fish (There are a few different flavours to choose from) Peppers Green Beans Spinach Carrots New potatoes The birds eye fish is frozen and it takes 30 minutes to cook in the oven. So warm up the oven and put the fish in for 30 minutes. Whilst the fish is cooking cut the ends off the green beans, slice the peppers thinly, slice… View Post

Things to do in half term that wont cost a bomb

Are you looking for Things to do in half term that wont cost a bomb. Half term is fast approaching I am sure many parents are wondering what to do when the kids are off school. The weather has been really awful just recently and getting outside has been hard. I am hoping next week is going to be a better week and I can get out and about the boys. A few ideas for keeping the kids entertained this half term are listed below…   Swimming… Visiting the local swimming pool is fun especially in half term. At our local… View Post

Shopping vouchers most effective way to help pregnant woman stop smoking

This is quite possibly the first time I have expressed such an opinion on my blog. An opinion where I really don’t care about offending anyone. An opinion that is mine and no other opinion will change mine. Shopping vouchers most effective way to help pregnant woman stop smoking. So just to clarify before I go on. I don’t agree with people smoking whilst pregnant its plain wrong, however what is really bothering me is the fact people are being offered vouchers to quit when pregnant. Quitting for vouchers is not the right reason to quit. The fact you’re carrying a tiny… View Post

Monochrome Vs Colour

Firstly as the title may suggest this IS NOT a post about Monochrome vs Colour. The title is slightly sarcastic and isn’t in any way meant as some may read it. I have wanted to try this idea out for a while now but just haven’t got around to posting it. I have recently been seeing more and more monochrome on IG and I do like it, however for me it isn’t practical for everyday life. That’s just me though, others may think differently and that is fine too. I have decided to set up and Instagram community called #2016incolour… View Post

Back to work update

As you may or may not know I started back to work 4 weeks ago after having a year off on Maternity leave. I work 2 days a week since having the boys so for me it is a great balance between working and being a home with the kids. It certainly hasn’t been an easy ride starting back. Week 1: I started back 4 weeks ago and my first 2 days was OK. I didn’t really do anything as I was setting up my systems again and sorting out my passwords. Week 2: This was an awful week. On… View Post

When Binky came to stay with us.

Who is Binky I hear you ask? Binky is a Monkey who lives at school in the week and each weekend he goes home with a child for lots of weekend adventures. Last weekend Little Man was lucky enough to bring Binky home. We had lots planned and was going to take lot of pictures of Little Man and Binky together, however Bubs was taken into hospital and it was a very hard weekend. This meant we only have the chance to pop out for a couple of hours whilst my Mum stayed with Bubs. We had promised Little Man… View Post

My view on wearing pyjamas on the school run

It has very recently been in the news about a school sending home a letter asking parents not to wear Pjs to drop their kids off at school. What do you all think about it? Here is My view on wearing pyjamas on the school run… I totally agree! I think it looks lazy and slobbish. How can we expect our kids to go to school and be ready for a day of learning whilst a bunch of lazy parents are standing there in their Pjs. I would never do this and I really don’t think any other parent should. People… View Post

Anything Goes linky #22

Hi everyone, Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.  Thank you once again for all linking up again, some fab reads as always! I have had an awful weekend, with my son being taken into hospital by ambulance at 0500 on Saturday morning. Thank God that he is now well on the meant after having us all worried and very sleep deprived over the weekend. Blog Post of the week… We all love to save money and this week I really loved reading about money saving tips from, Because I’m Cheap blog. Any money saving ideas are fantastic and… View Post

Swimming Lessons

Little Man started swimming lessons when he started school back in September. When he first started he had absolutely no confidence in the water at all. He hated water in his eyes and would scream and cry when I had to wash his hair in the bath. I decided to book him into swimming lessons to try to get Little Man more confident in the water. When he started he really couldn’t swim at all, he wouldn’t put his head under and he wouldn’t even try to swim even with a float. He would walk along with the float in… View Post

One-Pan Balsamic chicken and veggies

I have been following the you tube videos from Tasty recently and they all look so amazing. We have so far tried a few and they have all been absolutely amazing. Last night we decided to try the One-pan balsamic chicken and veggies. To say it was amazing was an understatement, we both loved it. If you would like to try it you will need… Italian salad dressing Balsamic vinegar Honey Chicken breasts Veggies (we used green beans, long stalk broccoli, red peppers and chantilly carrots, plum tomatoes. Then added roast new potatoes. You can use asparagus if you like… View Post